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Replacement 462889-121 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV4-2000 DV5-1200 DV3500 DV6 HP HDX X16 series


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Product Description

Replacement 462889-121 Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV4-2000 DV5-1200 DV3500 DV6 HP HDX X16 series


Technical Specs

Chemistry: Li-ion 

Battery Cell: 6


Color: Black

Warranty: 6 Months

Installation Fee: Free



Compatible Part numbers:

462889-121, 462889-122, 462889-141, 462889-142, 462889-261, 462889-421, 462889-541, 462889-721, 462889-741, 462889-761, 462890-121, 462890-141, 462890-142, 462890-151, 462890-161, 462890-241, 462890-251, 462890-421, 462890-541, 462890-721, 462890-741, 462890-751, 462890-761, 462891-141, 462891-142, 462891-161, 482186-003, 484170-001, 484170-002, 484171-001, 484172-001, 485041-001, 485041-003, 487296-001, 487354-001, 497694-001, 497695-001, 498482-001, EV06047, EV06055, EV12095, HSTNN-C52C, HSTNN-C53C, HSTNN-CB72, HSTNN-CB73, HSTNN-DB72, HSTNN-DB73, HSTNN-IB72, HSTNN-IB73, HSTNN-IB79, HSTNN-LB72, HSTNN-LB73, HSTNN-Q34C, HSTNN-UB72, HSTNN-UB73, HSTNN-W48C, HSTNN-W49C, HSTNN-W50C, HSTNN-W52C, HSTNN-XB72, HSTNN-XB73, KS524AA.


Compatible Laptop Models:

HP HDX X16 Series

X16-1300, X16-1200, X16T-1100 CTO, X16T-1000 CTO, X16-1160US, X16-1160ES, X16-1160ED, X16-1155EE, X16-1155CA, X16-1150EF, X16-1140US, X16-1110TX, X16-1109TX, X16-1108TX, X16-1107TX, X16-1106TX, X16-1105TX, X16-1104TX, X16-1103TX, X16-1102TX, X16-1101TX, X16-1101EG, X16-1101EA, X16-1100EO, X16-1060ES, X16-1060EG, X16-1060ED, X16-1056CA, X16-1050EV, X16-1050ET, X16-1050EF, X16-1050EE, X16-1044NR, X16-1040US, X16-1040ER, X16-1040EL, X16-1025NR, X16-1015TX, X16-1014TX, X16-1013TX, X16-1012TX, X16-1011TX, X16-1010TX, X16-1010EA, X16-1009TX, X16-1008TX, X16-1007TX, X16-1006TX, X16-1005TX, X16-1005EA, X16-1004TX, X16-1003TX, X16-1002TX, X16-1001XX, X16-1001TX, X16-1000EO, X16-1000EN, HDX16T-1000, HDX16-1060ES, HDX16-1060EG, HDX16-1050ET, HDX16-1050EF, HDX16-1050EE, HDX16-1044NR, HDX16-1040US, HDX16-1040EL, HDX16-1025NR, HDX16-1013TX, HDX16-1012TX, HDX16-1011TX, HDX16-1010TX, HDX16-1010EA, HDX16-1009TX, HDX16-1008TX, HDX16-1007TX, HDX16-1006TX, HDX16-1005TX, HDX16-1005EA, HDX16-1004TX, HDX16-1003TX, HDX16-1002TX, HDX16-1001TX


HP Pavilion DV4-2000 Series


HP Pavilion DV4-1200 Series

DV4Z-1200 CTO, DV4Z-1100 CTO, DV4Z-1000 CTO, DV4Z-1000, DV4T-1200SE CTO, DV4T-1200 CTO, DV4T-1100 CTO, DV4T-1000, DV4T, DV4-1299EEHP, DV4-1287CL, DV4-1280US, DV4-1275MX, DV4-1265DX, DV4-1253TX, DV4-1252TX, DV4-1251TX, DV4-1250TX, DV4-1249TX, DV4-1248TX, DV4-1247TX, DV4-1246TX, DV4-1245TX, DV4-1244TX, DV4-1243TX, DV4-1242TX, DV4-1241TX, DV4-1240TX, DV4-1239TX, DV4-1238TX, DV4-1237TX, DV4-1236TX, DV4-1235TX, DV4-1235EE, DV4-1234TX, DV4-1233TX, DV4-1232TX, DV4-1231TX, DV4-1230TX, DV4-1229TX, DV4-1228TX, DV4-1228CA, DV4-1227TX, DV4-1226TX, DV4-1225TX, DV4-1225EE, DV4-1225DX, DV4-1224TX, DV4-1223TX, DV4-1222TX, DV4-1222NR, DV4-1221TX, DV4-1220US, DV4-1220TX, DV4-1219TX, DV4-1218TX, DV4-1217TX, DV4-1216TX, DV4-1215TX, DV4-1215EF, DV4-1214TX, DV4-1213TX, DV4-1212TX, DV4-1211TX, DV4-1211EA, DV4-1210TX, DV4-1210ER, DV4-1210EA, DV4-1209TX, DV4-1208TX, DV4-1208TU, DV4-1207TX, DV4-1207TU, DV4-1206TX, DV4-1206TU, DV4-1205TX, DV4-1205TU, DV4-1204TX, DV4-1204TU, DV4-1203TX, DV4-1203TU, DV4-1202TX, DV4-1202TU, DV4-1202AU, DV4-1201TX, DV4-1201TU, DV4-1201AU


HP Pavilion DV4-1100 Series

DV4-1199ET, DV4-1199ES Special Edition, DV4-1199ES, DV4-1199ER, DV4-1199EP, DV4-1199EO, DV4-1199EF, DV4-1199EE, DV4-1199EA Special Edition, DV4-1199EA, DV4-1198ER, DV4-1190EL, DV4-1190EJ, DV4-1190BR, DV4-1180BR, DV4-1169TX, DV4-1168TX, DV4-1167TX, DV4-1166TX, DV4-1166CA, DV4-1165TX, DV4-1164TX, DV4-1163TX, DV4-1162TX, DV4-1161TX, DV4-1160TX, DV4-1160ES, DV4-1159TX, DV4-1158TX, DV4-1157TX, DV4-1156TX, DV4-1155TX, DV4-1155SE, DV4-1154TX, DV4-1153TX, DV4-1152TX, DV4-1151TX, DV4-1150TX, DV4-1150ES, DV4-1150ER, DV4-1150EP, DV4-1150EO, DV4-1150BR, DV4-1149TX, DV4-1148TX, DV4-1147TX, DV4-1147CL, DV4-1146TX, DV4-1145TX, DV4-1145GO, DV4-1145BR, DV4-1144US, DV4-1144TX, DV4-1143TX, DV4-1143GO, DV4-1142TX, DV4-1141TX, DV4-1140TX, DV4-1140GO, DV4-1140EK, DV4-1139TX, DV4-1138TX, DV4-1137TX, DV4-1136TX, DV4-1135TX, DV4-1135EI, DV4-1135EE, DV4-1135BR, DV4-1134TX, DV4-1133TX, DV4-1132TX, DV4-1131TX, DV4-1130TX, DV4-1130BR, DV4-1129TX, DV4-1129LA, DV4-1128TX, DV4-1127TX, DV4-1127LA, DV4-1126TX Special Edition, DV4-1126TX, DV4-1126LA, DV4-1125TX, DV4-1125NR, DV4-1125LA, DV4-1125BR, DV4-1124TX, DV4-1124NR, DV4-1124LA, DV4-1123US, DV4-1123TX, DV4-1123LA, DV4-1122TX, DV4-1121TX, DV4-1121CA, DV4-1120US, DV4-1120TX Special Edition, DV4-1120TX, DV4-1120BR, DV4-1119TX, DV4-1118TX, DV4-1118CA, DV4-1117TX, DV4-1117NR, DV4-1117CA, DV4-1116TX, DV4-1115TX Special Edition, DV4-1115TX, DV4-1115EF, DV4-1114TX Special Edition, DV4-1114TX, DV4-1114NR, DV4-1113TX Special Edition, DV4-1113TX, DV4-1112TX Special Edition, DV4-1112TX, DV4-1111TX Special Edition, DV4-1111TX, DV4-1110TX, DV4-1110EO, DV4-1109TX, DV4-1108TX, DV4-1107TX, DV4-1106TX, DV4-1106EM, DV4-1106EE, DV4-1105TX, DV4-1105TU, DV4-1105EM, DV4-1105EF, DV4-1104TX, DV4-1104TU, DV4-1103TX, DV4-1103TU, DV4-1102TX, DV4-1102TU, DV4-1101XX, DV4-1101TX Special Edition, DV4-1101TX, DV4-1101TU, DV4-1100EA


HP Pavilion DV4-1000 Series

DV4-1090ES, DV4-1090EO, DV4-1080ES, DV4-1080EO, DV4-1080EI, DV4-1070ES, DV4-1070ER, DV4-1070EF, DV4-1070EE, DV4-1055TX, DV4-1054TX, DV4-1053XX, DV4-1053TX, DV4-1052XX, DV4-1052TX, DV4-1051XX, DV4-1051TX, DV4-1050TX, DV4-1050ER, DV4-1050EP, DV4-1050EL, DV4-1050EE, DV4-1049TX, DV4-1048TX, DV4-1047TX, DV4-1046TX, DV4-1045TX, DV4-1044TX, DV4-1043TX, DV4-1042TX, DV4-1041TX, DV4-1040TX, DV4-1040EI, DV4-1040EE, DV4-1039TX, DV4-1038TX, DV4-1037TX, DV4-1036TX, DV4-1035TX, DV4-1035LA, DV4-1034TX, DV4-1033TX, DV4-1032TX, DV4-1031TX, DV4-1030TX, DV4-1030EN, DV4-1030EJ, DV4-1030EI, DV4-1030EE, DV4-1029TX, DV4-1028US, DV4-1028TX, DV4-1027TX, DV4-1026TX, DV4-1025TX, DV4-1024TX, DV4-1023TX, DV4-1022TX, DV4-1021TX, DV4-1020US, DV4-1020TX, DV4-1019TX, DV4-1018TX, DV4-1017TX, DV4-1016TX, DV4-1015TX, DV4-1014TX, DV4-1014NR, DV4-1013TX, DV4-1012TX, DV4-1011TX, DV4-1010TX, DV4-1009TX, DV4-1008TX, DV4-1007TX, DV4-1006TX, DV4-1005TX, DV4-1004TX, DV4-1004TU, DV4-1004AX, DV4-1003TX, DV4-1003TU, DV4-1003AX, DV4-1002XX, DV4-1002TX, DV4-1002TU, DV4-1002AX, DV4-1001XX, DV4-1001TX, DV4-1001TU, DV4-1001AX, DV4-1000ET, DV4-1000EA


HP Pavilion DV5T, DV5Z Series

DV5Z-1200 CTO, DV5Z-1100 CTO, DV5Z-1000 CTO, DV5TSE-1100 CTO, DV5T-1200SE CTO, DV5T-1100 CTO, DV5T-1000 CTO, DV5T-1000


HP Pavilion DV5-1200 Series

DV5-1299EW, DV5-1299ES, DV5-1299EO, DV5-1299EK, DV5-1299EI, DV5-1299EE, DV5-1299ED, DV5-1290ER, DV5-1290EQ, DV5-1290EG, DV5-1270ES, DV5-1270EQ, DV5-1270EO, DV5-1270EN, DV5-1270EG, DV5-1260ET, DV5-1260ER, DV5-1255ER, DV5-1253CL, DV5-1251NR, DV5-1251EG, DV5-1250US, DV5-1250ET, DV5-1250ER, DV5-1250EN, DV5-1250EG, DV5-1240EW, DV5-1240ET, DV5-1235EE, DV5-1235DX, DV5-1233SE, DV5-1232TX, DV5-1231TX, DV5-1230TX, DV5-1230EW, DV5-1230ET, DV5-1230ES, DV5-1230EN, DV5-1230EG, DV5-1229TX, DV5-1228TX, DV5-1227TX, DV5-1227CA, DV5-1226TX, DV5-1225TX, DV5-1225EE, DV5-1225CA, DV5-1224TX, DV5-1223TX, DV5-1222TX, DV5-1221TX, DV5-1221ER, DV5-1220TX, DV5-1220EZ, DV5-1220EW, DV5-1220ET, DV5-1220EG, DV5-1219TX, DV5-1218TX, DV5-1217TX, DV5-1216TX, DV5-1215TX, DV5-1215EM, DV5-1215EF, DV5-1215EE, DV5-1215CA, DV5-1214TX, DV5-1213TX, DV5-1213EM, DV5-1212TX, DV5-1212EM, DV5-1212AX, DV5-1211TX, DV5-1211EM, DV5-1211AX, DV5-1210TX, DV5-1210EZ, DV5-1210EW, DV5-1210ET, DV5-1210ES, DV5-1210EN, DV5-1210EM, DV5-1210EL, DV5-1210EG, DV5-1210EF, DV5-1210EA, DV5-1210AX, DV5-1209TX, DV5-1209AX, DV5-1208TX, DV5-1208TU, DV5-1208AX, DV5-1207TX, DV5-1207TU, DV5-1207AX, DV5-1206TX, DV5-1206TU, DV5-1206AX, DV5-1205TX, DV5-1205TU, DV5-1205EG, DV5-1205EE, DV5-1205AX, DV5-1204TX, DV5-1204TU, DV5-1204AX, DV5-1204AU, DV5-1203TX, DV5-1203TU, DV5-1203AX, DV5-1203AU, DV5-1202TX, DV5-1202TU, DV5-1202AX, DV5-1202AU, DV5-1201TX, DV5-1201TU, DV5-1201AX, DV5-1201AU, DV5-1200EG


HP Pavilion DV5-1100 Series

DV5-1199XX, DV5-1199EZ, DV5-1199EW, DV5-1199EV, DV5-1199ES, DV5-1199ER, DV5-1199EO, DV5-1199EL, DV5-1199EK, DV5-1199EI, DV5-1199EH, DV5-1199EG, DV5-1199EF, DV5-1199EE, DV5-1199EC, DV5-1198XX, DV5-1198ER, DV5-1198EG, DV5-1196XX, DV5-1196EO, DV5-1194EO, DV5-1193ER, DV5-1192ER, DV5-1192EO, DV5-1191EG, DV5-1190ER, DV5-1190EP, DV5-1190EO, DV5-1190EJ, DV5-1190EH, DV5-1190EG, DV5-1187EG, DV5-1185EO, DV5-1183CL, DV5-1181EN, DV5-1180ET, DV5-1180EO, DV5-1180EH, DV5-1179ER, DV5-1179EJ, DV5-1178ER, DV5-1177ER, DV5-1176ER, DV5-1175EO, DV5-1174CA, DV5-1172EL, DV5-1171EN, DV5-1170EW, DV5-1170ET, DV5-1170ES, DV5-1170ER, DV5-1170EP, DV5-1170EO, DV5-1170EL, DV5-1170EI, DV5-1169ER, DV5-1168ER, DV5-1166US, DV5-1165ER, DV5-1165EP, DV5-1164ER, DV5-1163EL, DV5-1161EN, DV5-1161EG, DV5-1160US, DV5-1160EW, DV5-1160EV, DV5-1160ET, DV5-1160ES, DV5-1160EP, DV5-1160EO, DV5-1160EN, DV5-1160EK, DV5-1160EJ, DV5-1160EI, DV5-1160EH, DV5-1160EG, DV5-1160ED, DV5-1160EC, DV5-1160BR, DV5-1159SE, DV5-1158EP, DV5-1157EG, DV5-1157CA, DV5-1156EG, DV5-1155ES, DV5-1155EP, DV5-1155EO, DV5-1155EG, DV5-1155EF, DV5-1155EE, DV5-1155EC, DV5-1154EZ, DV5-1153EO, DV5-1153EI, DV5-1151EN, DV5-1151EG, DV5-1150US, DV5-1150EW, DV5-1150ET, DV5-1150ER, DV5-1150EP, DV5-1150EO, DV5-1150EN, DV5-1150EM, DV5-1150EI, DV5-1150EG, DV5-1150EF, DV5-1150ED, DV5-1150EC, DV5-1147LA, DV5-1145EV, DV5-1145EO, DV5-1145EE, DV5-1144LA, DV5-1144EL, DV5-1143LA, DV5-1142TX, DV5-1142LA, DV5-1142EG, DV5-1141TX, DV5-1141LA, DV5-1141EN, DV5-1140US, DV5-1140TX, DV5-1140LA, DV5-1140EZ, DV5-1140EW, DV5-1140ES, DV5-1140EP, DV5-1140EO, DV5-1140EN, DV5-1140EL, DV5-1140EK, DV5-1140EI, DV5-1140EH, DV5-1140EG, DV5-1140ED, DV5-1140EC, DV5-1140BR, DV5-1139TX, DV5-1138TX, DV5-1138NR, DV5-1138CA, DV5-1137TX, DV5-1137LA, DV5-1136TX, DV5-1136EI, DV5-1135TX, DV5-1135LA, DV5-1135ES, DV5-1135EI, DV5-1135EF, DV5-1135EE, DV5-1135CA, DV5-1134TX, DV5-1133TX, DV5-1133LA, DV5-1133ES, DV5-1133EI, DV5-1133CA, DV5-1132US, DV5-1132TX, DV5-1132LA, DV5-1132ES, DV5-1131TX, DV5-1131LA, DV5-1131EN, DV5-1130TX, DV5-1130EW, DV5-1130EV, DV5-1130ET, DV5-1130ES, DV5-1130EP, DV5-1130EN, DV5-1130EK, DV5-1130EJ, DV5-1130EI, DV5-1130EG, DV5-1130EF, DV5-1130ED, DV5-1130EC, DV5-1130EA, DV5-1130CA, DV5-1129TX, DV5-1128TX, DV5-1128EO, DV5-1128EL, DV5-1128CA, DV5-1127TX, DV5-1127EZ, DV5-1127EG, DV5-1127CL, DV5-1126TX, DV5-1126ES, DV5-1126EM, DV5-1126EE, DV5-1125TX, DV5-1125NR, DV5-1125ES, DV5-1125EO, DV5-1125EN, DV5-1125EM, DV5-1125EK, DV5-1125EG, DV5-1125EF, DV5-1125EC, DV5-1125BR, DV5-1124TX, DV5-1124EZ, DV5-1124EL, DV5-1124CA, DV5-1123TX, DV5-1123EM, DV5-1123EL, DV5-1123EF, DV5-1122TX, DV5-1122EL, DV5-1122EG, DV5-1122EF, DV5-1121TX, DV5-1121EN, DV5-1121EL, DV5-1121CA, DV5-1120US, DV5-1120TX, DV5-1120EZ, DV5-1120EW, DV5-1120EV, DV5-1120ET, DV5-1120ES, DV5-1120ER, DV5-1120EO, DV5-1120EN, DV5-1120EL, DV5-1120EK, DV5-1120EJ, DV5-1120EH, DV5-1120EG, DV5-1120ED, DV5-1120EC, DV5-1119TX, DV5-1119NR, DV5-1119EM, DV5-1119EG, DV5-1118TX, DV5-1118ES, DV5-1118EO, DV5-1118EL, DV5-1118CA, DV5-1117TX Special Edition, DV5-1117TX, DV5-1117EL, DV5-1117EC, DV5-1117EB, DV5-1116US, DV5-1116TX Special Edition, DV5-1116TX, DV5-1116EZ, DV5-1116EM, DV5-1116EL, DV5-1116EE, DV5-1115TX, DV5-1115ET, DV5-1115ES, DV5-1115EO, DV5-1115EM, DV5-1115EL, DV5-1115EG, DV5-1115EC, DV5-1115EB, DV5-1114TX Special Edition, DV5-1114TX, DV5-1114EZ, DV5-1114ES, DV5-1114EL, DV5-1114AX, DV5-1113US, DV5-1113TX, DV5-1113ES, DV5-1113EO, DV5-1113EL, DV5-1113AX, DV5-1112TX, DV5-1112ES, DV5-1112EL, DV5-1112EG, DV5-1112EA, DV5-1112CA, DV5-1112AX, DV5-1111TX Special Edition, DV5-1111TX, DV5-1111ES, DV5-1111EN, DV5-1111EL, DV5-1111EA, DV5-1111AX, DV5-1110TX Special Edition, DV5-1110TX, DV5-1110EZ, DV5-1110EW, DV5-1110ET, DV5-1110ES, DV5-1110EO, DV5-1110EM, DV5-1110EL, DV5-1110EJ, DV5-1110EI, DV5-1110EG, DV5-1110EF, DV5-1110EE, DV5-1110ED, DV5-1110EA, DV5-1110AX, DV5-1109TX Special Edition, DV5-1109TX, DV5-1109EL, DV5-1109AX, DV5-1108TX, DV5-1108EM, DV5-1108EL, DV5-1108EG, DV5-1108EA, DV5-1108AX, DV5-1107TX, DV5-1107EL, DV5-1107EF, DV5-1107AX, DV5-1106TX, DV5-1106EL, DV5-1106AX, DV5-1105TX, DV5-1105TU, DV5-1105EV, DV5-1105ET, DV5-1105EM, DV5-1105EL, DV5-1105EG, DV5-1105AX, DV5-1104TX, DV5-1104TU, DV5-1104EM, DV5-1104EL, DV5-1104EF, DV5-1104AX, DV5-1103TX, DV5-1103TU, DV5-1103EM, DV5-1103EL, DV5-1103EF, DV5-1103EE, DV5-1103AX, DV5-1102TX, DV5-1102TU, DV5-1102ET, DV5-1102EL, DV5-1102AX, DV5-1101TX, DV5-1101TU, DV5-1101ET, DV5-1101EN, DV5-1101EM, DV5-1101EL, DV5-1101AX, DV5-1100EW, DV5-1100ET, DV5-1100EL, DV5-1100EF


HP Pavilion DV5-1000 Series

DV5-1099XX, DV5-1098XX, DV5-1096XX, DV5-1095EO, DV5-1094XX, DV5-1094EO, DV5-1093XX, DV5-1091EO, DV5-1090ES, DV5-1090EO, DV5-1089EO, DV5-1087EO, DV5-1085EO, DV5-1080EV, DV5-1080ES, DV5-1080EL, DV5-1080EI, DV5-1080EH, DV5-1075ER, DV5-1073EZ, DV5-1070EW, DV5-1070ES, DV5-1070ER, DV5-1070EO, DV5-1070EL, DV5-1070EE, DV5-1070EC, DV5-1065EC, DV5-1064TX, DV5-1063TX, DV5-1062TX, DV5-1062EZ, DV5-1061TX, DV5-1060TX, DV5-1060EW, DV5-1060EO, DV5-1060EL, DV5-1060EJ, DV5-1060EI, DV5-1060EH, DV5-1060EE, DV5-1060EC, DV5-1059TX, DV5-1058TX, DV5-1058EO, DV5-1057TX, DV5-1056TX, DV5-1055TX, DV5-1055ER, DV5-1055EO, DV5-1054TX, DV5-1053TX, DV5-1052TX, DV5-1051TX, DV5-1050TX, DV5-1050EW, DV5-1050EV, DV5-1050ES, DV5-1050ER, DV5-1050EP, DV5-1050EO, DV5-1050EN, DV5-1050EK, DV5-1050EI, DV5-1050EE, DV5-1050ED, DV5-1049TX, DV5-1048TX, DV5-1048ER, DV5-1047TX, DV5-1046TX, DV5-1045TX, DV5-1045ES, DV5-1045ER, DV5-1044TX, DV5-1044CA, DV5-1043TX, DV5-1042TX, DV5-1042EZ, DV5-1041TX, DV5-1041ET, DV5-1040TX, DV5-1040EZ, DV5-1040EW, DV5-1040EV, DV5-1040ET, DV5-1040ES, DV5-1040ER, DV5-1040EP, DV5-1040EO, DV5-1040EN, DV5-1040EL, DV5-1040EI, DV5-1040EH, DV5-1040EG, DV5-1040EE, DV5-1040EC, DV5-1040EB, DV5-1039TX, DV5-1038TX, DV5-1037TX, DV5-1037EO, DV5-1036TX, DV5-1036EZ, DV5-1036EL, DV5-1035TX, DV5-1035ES, DV5-1035ER, DV5-1035EO, DV5-1035EL, DV5-1035EC, DV5-1034TX, DV5-1034EL, DV5-1034CA, DV5-1033TX, DV5-1033EZ, DV5-1033EL, DV5-1032TX, DV5-1032EL, DV5-1032EG, DV5-1031TX, DV5-1031EL, DV5-1030TX, DV5-1030EW, DV5-1030EV, DV5-1030ES, DV5-1030ER, DV5-1030EP, DV5-1030EO, DV5-1030EN, DV5-1030EL, DV5-1030EI, DV5-1030EG, DV5-1030EF, DV5-1030EE, DV5-1030EC, DV5-1030EB, DV5-1029TX, DV5-1028TX, DV5-1028CA, DV5-1027TX, DV5-1027ES, DV5-1027EO, DV5-1027EL, DV5-1026TX, DV5-1026ES, DV5-1026EO, DV5-1026EL, DV5-1025TX, DV5-1025ES, DV5-1025ER, DV5-1025EP, DV5-1025EL, DV5-1025EG, DV5-1025EB, DV5-1024TX, DV5-1024EL, DV5-1023TX, DV5-1023ES, DV5-1022TX, DV5-1022LA, DV5-1022EO, DV5-1022EL, DV5-1021TX, DV5-1021ET, DV5-1021EO, DV5-1021EL, DV5-1020TX, DV5-1020EZ, DV5-1020EW, DV5-1020EV, DV5-1020ET, DV5-1020ES, DV5-1020ER, DV5-1020EP, DV5-1020EO, DV5-1020EN, DV5-1020EL, DV5-1020EH, DV5-1020EF, DV5-1020ED, DV5-1020EC, DV5-1020EA, DV5-1019TX, DV5-1019EL, DV5-1018TX, DV5-1018EL, DV5-1017TX, DV5-1017NR, DV5-1017EL, DV5-1016TX, DV5-1016EL, DV5-1015TX, DV5-1015NR, DV5-1015ES, DV5-1015EL, DV5-1015EG, DV5-1015EB, DV5-1015EA, DV5-1014TX, DV5-1014EL, DV5-1013TX, DV5-1013EL, DV5-1012TX, DV5-1012EL, DV5-1012EA, DV5-1011TX, DV5-1011ET, DV5-1011EL, DV5-1011EA, DV5-1011AX, DV5-1010US, DV5-1010TX, DV5-1010TU, DV5-1010EZ, DV5-1010EW, DV5-1010EV, DV5-1010ET, DV5-1010EN, DV5-1010EL, DV5-1010EG, DV5-1010EF, DV5-1010ED, DV5-1010EC, DV5-1010EB, DV5-1010EA, DV5-1010AX, DV5-1009TX, DV5-1009TU, DV5-1009EL, DV5-1009EA, DV5-1009AX, DV5-1008TX, DV5-1008TU, DV5-1008EL, DV5-1008EA, DV5-1008CA, DV5-1008AX, DV5-1007TX, DV5-1007TU, DV5-1007EL, DV5-1007EF, DV5-1007CL, DV5-1007CA, DV5-1007AX, DV5-1006TX, DV5-1006TU, DV5-1006ET, DV5-1006EL, DV5-1006AX, DV5-1005TX, DV5-1005TU, DV5-1005ET, DV5-1005EM, DV5-1005EL, DV5-1005EG, DV5-1005EF, DV5-1005EC, DV5-1005AX, DV5-1004TX, DV5-1004TU, DV5-1004NR, DV5-1004EL, DV5-1004AX, DV5-1003XX, DV5-1003TX, DV5-1003TU, DV5-1003NR, DV5-1003EF, DV5-1003CL, DV5-1003AX, DV5-1002US, DV5-1002TX, DV5-1002TU, DV5-1002NR, DV5-1002ET, DV5-1002AX, DV5-1002AU, DV5-1001XX, DV5-1001TX, DV5-1001TU, DV5-1001AX, DV5-1001AU, DV5-1000US, DV5-1000EA


HP Pavilion DV6 Series (not compatible with HP Compaq Pavilion DV6000 Series)


HP Pavilion DV6-2000 Series

DV6-2154CA, DV6-2152NR, DV6-2151CL, DV6-2150US, DV6-2150CA, DV6-2144NR, DV6-2143CA, DV6-2140CA, DV6-2138CA, DV6-2130CA, DV6-2128CA, DV6-2120CA, DV6-2120, DV6-2100


HP Pavilion DV6-1000 Series

DV6T-1000, DV6-1099EF, DV6-1090ES, DV6-1090EO, DV6-1080ES, DV6-1080EQ, DV6-1080EL, DV6-1070EO, DV6-1068EL, DV6-1066EL, DV6-1062EL, DV6-1060EV, DV6-1060ES, DV6-1060EO, DV6-1060EL, DV6-1058EL, DV6-1056EL, DV6-1055EE, DV6-1053CL, DV6-1050US, DV6-1050ET, DV6-1050EP, DV6-1050EO, DV6-1050EN, DV6-1050EI, DV6-1050EF, DV6-1046EL, DV6-1045EZ, DV6-1045EO, DV6-1045EI, DV6-1045EE, DV6-1044EL, DV6-1042EL, DV6-1040EZ, DV6-1040EV, DV6-1040EL, DV6-1040EK, DV6-1040EJ, DV6-1040EI, DV6-1040ED, DV6-1040EB, DV6-1038CA, DV6-1030US, DV6-1030EQ, DV6-1030EO, DV6-1030EM, DV6-1030EF, DV6-1030ED, DV6-1030EC, DV6-1030CA, DV6-1027EF, DV6-1025EZ, DV6-1025EI, DV6-1025EF, DV6-1023EM, DV6-1023EF, DV6-1022EL, DV6-1020ET, DV6-1020EQ, DV6-1020EL, DV6-1020EK, DV6-1020EJ, DV6-1020EI, DV6-1020ED, DV6-1020EC, DV6-1018EL, DV6-1016EZ, DV6-1013TX, DV6-1013EA, DV6-1012TX, DV6-1011TX, DV6-1010TX, DV6-1010ET, DV6-1010ED, DV6-1010EA, DV6-1009TX, DV6-1009EL, DV6-1008TX, DV6-1007TX, DV6-1006TX, DV6-1005TX, DV6-1005EZ, DV6-1005EA, DV6-1004TX, DV6-1003TX, DV6-1002TX, DV6-1001XX, DV6-1001TX, DV6-1000ET


HP Pavilion DV3500 Series



HP Pavilion G71 Series

WA614UAG71-449, WA611UAG71-448, WA609UAG71-445, WA607UAG71-441, WA606UAG71-400, WA605UAG71-442, WA604UAG71-437, VW875UAG71-351, VR761UAG71-358, VR760UAG71-430, VR759UAG71-340, VR7




Whats in included


Book in your HP Pavilion Battery replacement at Netlink Computers

Battery Use Tip:
1. if it possible then remove a charged battery when your device is plugged in.
2. If possible then try to use energy-saving settings on your electronics.
3. Charge fully your new lithium-ion battery for the first three cycles.
4. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, also your battery can die if there will to fast temperature changes from low to high.
5. Always use the proper ac adapter charger for your device.



      Did you know?

    1. Netlink provides free delivery of Laptop parts nationwide for purchases of value above  R2500.00
    2. Netlink provides free collection and delivery of Apple Mac computers booked in for board-level repairs
    3. Netlink doesn’t charge for Battery, Keyboard or screen replacement service


20 Reasons for choosing Netlink

    • 12 years of exceptional Laptop service and parts supply in SA and Cross Border, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique.
    • 1 Year repair warranty for Apple Mac repairs. A return is rare but if so happens, it still won’t cost you a penny or make you worried
    • Free lifetime support for all Mac users telephonically, electronically via email, live chat or whatsApp or front desk at our store.
    • 6 Months warranty on laptop parts. Keeping the same suppliers for years has kept our return rates to the lowest
    • We boast the broadest catalogue of high quality laptop spare parts in South Africa for both basic and advanced maintenance.
    • We boast the highest success rates on high-end (Advanced) board-level repairs with the lowest return rate. We believe that expertise is paramount.
    • Professional laptop technical lab equipped with capacity of expertise, parts and technical infrastructure to facilitate the most advanced technical service.
    • Quickest turn-around time guaranteed, same-day for next day for most repairs and 48 hours latest for delayed repair jobs.
    • We are resolute and driven to resolve most issues others may deem irreparable.We choose to focus on fixing over replacement.
    • Free collection and delivery of Apple Macs for repairs. Same day for Cape Town, next day (24 – 48 Hrs) for other parts of SA.
    • We assess all problems at no cost, irrespective of the time consumed in diagnostics. Payment is only for completed repairs.
    • Free basic installations; for MacBook batteries, models between 2006 – 2015, display assemblies, Hard drives and SSDs etc.
    • We make laptop maintenance more affordable by offering the best rates for all laptop parts and repairs at basic and advanced level in the market and save customers the unnecessary expenditures associated with laptop maintenance and service.
    • Highly knowledgeable, experienced and honest personnel right from the top, the sales consultants, technical controllers, to the actual technical team.
    • Easy payment systems from 30 day, 7 day credit accounts for corporates, shop now pay later credit facility at E-commerce checkouts, E-commerce with Payfast and PayGenius, EFT bank transfers, cash on collection, and a proper transaction records tracking system that requires no invoice for returns.
    • Instant technical response and help wherever you are via site LiveChat and WhatsApp. Apple Mac support with no absolutely no geographical limits. Talk to certified Apple experts in the comfort of your home or office via WhatsApp, LiveChat,GoogleMeet.
    • Faster repair bookings, instant repair status updates, A client is updated on progress all the way as may be required, right from receiving the device, through maintenance to task completion and a gets a complete technical report documented for future use.
    • Secure management of personalized content and data. We are committed to the privacy and confidentiality of information provided to us in the process of repair and it is our policy to execute repairs without accessing the client’s drive unless required.
    • We boast the broadest, highly detailed, accurate and the quickest micro second product search engine for parts inquiries, for product search and product confirmations ensuring that the right product will always be quoted and supplied to the client.
    • Excellence is an elusive quest for most of us here and it’s a passion we live for and teach others that join or navigate through our company. We continuously monitor our progress and regressions in service delivery and client  relations to ensure continuous improvement that can mutually benefit our customers with a service that meets or exceeds their expectations                                                                          
    •                                              May all who come as Guests leave as Friends

Laptop Battery for HP Pavilion DV4-2000 DV5-1200 DV6 HP HDX X16 series


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