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Expert laptop repair service in Cape Town since 2008

Netlink Computer Corporation serves individuals and businesses with laptop parts and Laptop repair services in Cape Town, South Africa, and Southern Africa through virtual Tech support, Call-out support, Drop and fetch later system,  or collect, fix and deliver back mechanism to our clients. We keep all options open and convenient from basic laptop repair services like software installation, hardware installations, and replacement to complex board-level repair procedures.  We keep all essential Laptop service parts in stock, guarantee minimum waiting time for our customers, and ensure all Repairs come with Warranty.

Liquid Damage

Affordable liquid damage repairs to laptops a click away. Even if everything seems ok after the spill we recommend bringing in your laptop as soon as possible.

Screen Replacement

One of the most common laptop repairs is broken Laptop screen replacement if your laptop LCD screen is cracked, black, or otherwise broken.

Motherboard Repairs

We can fix all issues on any laptop motherboard including liquid damage, short circuits, power issues, video issues, fan issues, heating issues, and bios issues, etc.

Password Reset

Forgotten system password or Bios Password?  Most laptops come with a very strong BIOS password capability that locks up the hardware.

Shutdown Repairs

Laptop overheating could be damaging internal components and if this happens too often or the problem goes on unsolved your graphics chip may burn out.

Graphics Repairs

Laptop Graphics Card Repair-Chip Repair is required when your graphics card is at fault. We can fix the graphics chip on your laptop motherboard.

Charging Port Repairs

Over time, plugging a charger into the laptop port repeatedly might damage or loosen the DC jack/charging port on a laptop not charging anymore.

General Internal Cleaning

salt, sand, dust, and animal fur form small particles that can easily get inside computers ruining the inner workings and corroding the rugged shell around it.

Virus Removal

Remove the hard drive and scan contents for viruses and spyware/malware. Install any relevant anti-spyware software,100% Guaranteed

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