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Toshiba Satellite PJ286 L640 L640D L645 L645D L740 L745 DC POWER JACK


Toshiba DC Power Jack socket

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Toshiba Satellite L640 L640D L645 L645D L740 L745 L745D Pro Genuine OEM Original AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Wire Harness Replacement Assembly Plug IN

Item SKU: B025081

P/N.: A000071240 A000074880 DD0TE2AD000 DD0TE5PB000

Item Specification:
2.5mm Central Pin DC Power Jack
Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
Overall Length Approx 29cm
4-Wire 4-Pin, Plug In

Compatible Laptop Models:
Toshiba Satellite L640 L645 Series
Toshiba Satellite L640D L645D Series
Toshiba Satellite Pro L640 Series
Toshiba Satellite L740 L745 Series
Toshiba Satellite L745D Series
Toshiba Satellite Pro L740 Series
Compatible Laptop Details:
Toshiba Satellite L640 Series: L640-BT2N13 L640-BT2N15 L640-BT2N22 L640-ST2N01 etc
Toshiba Satellite L645 Series: L645-S4026 L645-S4026BN L645-S4026GY L645-S4026RD L645-S4026WH L645-S4032 L645-S4038 L645-S4055 L645-S4059 L645-S4060 L645-S4102 L645-S4103 L645-S4104 L645-S4104BN L645-S4104RD L645-S4104WH L645-S4108 L645-S4911D L645-S4912D L645-S4920D L645-S4921D L645-S4922D L645-S4930D L645-S4931D L645-S4932D L645-SP4003L L645-SP4003M L645-SP4004L L645-SP4004M L645-SP4006L L645-SP4006M L645-SP4007L L645-SP4010L L645-SP4010M L645-SP4011L L645-SP4011M L645-SP4019L L645-SP4019M L645-SP4025L L645-SP4025M L645-SP4130L L645-SP4133L L645-SP4135 L645-SP4135A L645-SP4135L L645-SP4137 L645-SP4137A L645-SP4137L L645-SP4138 L645-SP4138L L645-SP4145KL L645-SP4163 L645-SP4163M L645-SP4165 L645-SP4165M etc
Toshiba Satellite L640D Series: L640D-ST2N01 L640D-ST2N02 L640D-ST2N03 etc
Toshiba Satellite L645D Series: L645D-S4025 L645D-S4029 L645D-S4030 L645D-S4036 L645D-S4037 L645D-S4037BN L645D-S4037RD L645D-S4037WH L645D-S4040 L645D-S4050 L645D-S4050BN L645D-S4050GY L645D-S4050RD L645D-S4050WH L645D-S4052 L645D-S4053 L645D-S4056 L645D-S4058 L645D-S4058BN L645D-S4058RD L645D-S4058WH L645D-S4100 L645D-S4100BN L645D-S4100GY L645D-S4100RD L645D-S4100WH L645D-S4106 L645D-S4106BN L645D-S4106RD L645D-S4106WH L645D-S4911D L645D-SP4001L L645D-SP4001M L645D-SP4002L L645D-SP4002M L645D-SP4005L L645D-SP4005M L645D-SP4015L L645D-SP4015M L645D-SP4016L L645D-SP4016M L645D-SP4017L L645D-SP4017M L645D-SP4020L L645D-SP4020M L645D-SP4021L L645D-SP4021M L645D-SP4022L L645D-SP4022M L645D-SP4023L L645D-SP4023M L645D-SP4131 L645D-SP4166 L645D-SP4167 L645D-SP4167M L645D-SP4168 L645D-SP4168M L645D-SP4169 L645D-SP4169M L645D-SP4170KM L645D-SP4170LM L645D-SP4170NM L645D-SP4170RM L645D-SP4170VM L645D-SP4170WM etc
Toshiba Satellite Pro L640 Series: L640-EZ1410 L640-EZ1411 L640-EZ1412 L640-SP4136 etc
Toshiba Satellite L740 Series: L740-BT4N11 L740-BT4N22 L740-ST4N02 L740-ST5N02 L740-ST6N01
Toshiba Satellite L745 Series: L745-EZ1411D L745-S4110 L745-S4126 L745-S4130 L745-S4210 L745-S4235 L745-S4302 L745-S4310 L745-S4355 L745-S9423RD L745-SP4141CL L745-SP4142CL L745-SP4146CL L745-SP4147CL L745-SP4149LL L745-SP4171RM L745-SP4175NM L745-SP4176FM L745-SP4201A L745-SP4201LL L745-SP4201SA L745-SP4202A L745-SP4202LL L745-SP4202SA L745-SP4203A L745-SP4203SA L745-SP4204LL L745-SP4204SA L745-SP4205SA L745-SP4206SA L745-SP4250CL L745-SP4251LL L745-SP4253CL L745-SP4254FL L745-SP4255CL L745-SP4256CL L745-SP4258LL L745-SP4259LL L745-SP4260LL L745-SP4281KM L745-SP4284KM L745-SP4287KM L745-SP4288KM
Toshiba Satellite L745D Series: L745D-S4214 L745D-S4220 L745D-S4220BN L745D-S4220GR L745D-S4220RD L745D-S4220WH L745D-S4230 L745D-S4250 L745D-S4250WH L745D-SP4172KM L745D-SP4172NM L745D-SP4172RM L745D-SP4172VM L745D-SP4172WM L745D-SP4173LM L745D-SP4174RM L745D-SP4273KM L745D-SP4273NM L745D-SP4273RM L745D-SP4273WM L745D-SP4282RM L745D-SP4283KM L745D-SP4285KM L745D-SP4286KM
Toshiba Satellite Pro L740 Series: Pro L740-EZ1413 L740-SP4143FL L740-SP4148FL L740-SP4148FM


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