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Toshiba Satellite PJ 242 M805 M805 M805D M8xx U400 U400D U405 U405D DC Power Jack


Toshiba DC Power Jack socket

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Toshiba Satellite M805 M805 M805D M8xx U400 U400D U405 U405D Pro U400 Series Genuine OEM Original AC DC Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port with Cable DC IN Cable Wire Harness Replacement Assembly Plug IN

Item SKU: B092021

P/N.: A000021120

Item Specification:
2.5mm Central Pin DC Power Jack
Power Jack Socket Connector Charging Port DC IN Cable
4-Wire 4-Pin, Plug In
Item Status: New, Geunine OEM Original, Top Quality


Compatible Laptop Details:
Toshiba Satellite U400 Series: U400 U400-ST3301 U400-ST3302 U400-ST5404 U400-ST6301 U400-108 U400-10J U400-10L U400-10N U400-10A U400-10N U400-10O U400-10I U400-10T 400-11L U400-11Q U400-11T U400-11U U400-11V U400-11Z U400-12P U400-12R U400-12X U400-12Y U400-130 U400-133 U400-134 U400-138 U400-13T U400-13I U400-13N U400-13O U400-13K U400-13D U400-13 U400-144 U400-14B U400-14P U400-14Z U400-14L U400-14C U400-15B U400-15D U400-15E U400-15G U400-15N U400-15Z U400-16A U400-16E U400-16P U400-17M U400-17H U400-17S U400-17J U400-17T U400-17B U400-17R U400-17M U400-17Y U400-18A U400-18E U400-18F U400-18S U400-18L U400-18M U400-20U U400-20V U400-20T U400-21D U400-21E U400-21P U400-219 U400-22N U400-22Z U400-23L U400-23F U400-23J U400-23X U400-23V U400-23N U400-24K U400-24K-RU U400-24H U400-25H
Toshiba Satellite U400D Series: U400D U400D-17J
Toshiba Satellite U405 Series: U405 U405-S2817 U405-S2820 U405-S2824 U405-S2826 U405-S2830 U405-S2833 U405-S2854 U405-S2856 U405-S2857 U405-S2878 U405-S2882 U405-S2911 U405-S2915 U405-S29151 U405-S29153 U405-S2918 U405-S2920 U405-SP2801 U405-SP2803 U405-SP2804 U405-SP6929A U405-SP6929C U405-SP6929R U405-ST550W
Toshiba Satellite U405D Series: U405D U405D-S2846 U405D-S2848 U405D-S2850 U405D-S2852 U405D-S2863 U405D-S2870 U405D-S2874 U405D-S2902 U405D-S2910
Toshiba Satellite Pro U400 Series:  Pro U400 U400-S1001V U400-S1001X U400-S1002V U400-S1301 U400-SP1801 U400-SP2804 U400-SP2804C U400-SP2804R U400-SP2908A U400-SP2908C U400-SP2908R U400-10H U400-11O U400-11V U400-12A U400-12B U400-12U U400-12Y U400-13A U400-13D U400-13G U400-13J U400-13K U400-13L U400-13O U400-14C U400-14L U400-14Y U400-15 U400-15E U400-15I U400-15L U400-15O U400-15P U400-16A U400-16E U400-17A U400-17G U400-17J U400-17R U400-17V U400-17Q U400-17O U400-18A U400-18L U400-18S U400-18M U400-21D U400-21E U400-22N U400-23M U400-23N U400-23T U400-23X U400-24H U400-25H
Toshiba Portege M800 Series: M800 M800-11I M800-11J M800-11G M800-11K M800-11L M800-11 M800-12C M800-127
Toshiba Portege M805 Series: M805-SP2907A M805-SP2907C M805-SP2907R
Toshiba Portege M805D Series: M805D-SP2906A M805D-SP2906C M805D-SP2906R
Toshiba Portege M8xx Series: M801 M802 M803 M806 M807 M808 M810 M820 M822 M823 M825 M831 M833 M835 M851 M853 M861 M862 M865 M867 M868 M870 etc


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