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Replacement Laptop Keyboard PK131EM2A05 for HP 250 G4 255 G4 250 G5 15-AY000 15-AC000 15-AF000


Laptop Keyboard HP 250 G4 255 G4 256 G4 15-AY000 15-AC000 15-AF000 Black Without Frame US Windows 8

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Product Description

Replacement Laptop Keyboard PK131EM2A05 for HP 250 G4 255 G4 250 G5 15-AY000 15-AC000 15-AF000



Technical specs

No Frame

Windows 8

Layout: US

Condition: New

Color: Black

Warranty: 6 Months

Installation Fee: R350.00



Compatible Part Number:

  • HP PK131EM2A05  keyboard



   Compatible Laptop Models


  • For HP 250 G4 255 G4 256 G4 15-AY000 15-AC000 15-AF000 15-AC001TU 15-AC001TX 15-AC002TU 15-AC002TX 15-AC003TU 15-AC003TX 15-AC004TU 15-AC004TX 15-AC005TU 15-AC005TX 15-AC006TU 15-AC007TU 15-AC008TU 15-AC008TX 15-AC009TU 15-AC009TX 15-AC010NR 15-AC010TU 15-AC011TU 15-AC012TU 15-AC012TX 15-AC013TU 15-AC013TX 15-AC014TU 15-AC014TX 15-AC015TU 15-AC015TX 15-AC016TU 15-AC016TX 15-AC017TU 15-AC017TX 15-AC018CA 15-AC018TU 15-AC018TX 15-AC019TU 15-AC019TX 15-AC020DS 15-AC020NR 15-AC020TU 15-AC020TX 15-AC021DS 15-AC021DX 15-AC021TU 15-AC021TX 15-AC022DS 15-AC022TX 15-AC023DS 15-AC023TX 15-AC024DS 15-AC024TX 15-AC025DS 15-AC025TU 15-AC025TX 15-AC026DS 15-AC026TU 15-AC026TX 15-AC027DS 15-AC027TU 15-AC027TX 15-AC028CA 15-AC028DS 15-AC028TU 15-AC028TX 15-AC029DS 15-AC029TU 15-AC029TX 15-AC030TU 15-AC030TX 15-AC031TU 15-AC031TX 15-AC032TU 15-AC032TX 15-AC033TU 15-AC033TX 15-AC034TU 15-AC034TX 15-AC035TU 15-AC035TX 15-AC036TU 15-AC036TX 15-AC037CL 15-AC037NR 15-AC037TU 15-AC037TX 15-AC038TU 15-AC038TX 15-AC039TU 15-AC039TX 15-AC040TU 15-AC040TX 15-AC041TU 15-AC041TX 15-AC042TU 15-AC042TX 15-AC043NA 15-AC043TU 15-AC043TX 15-AC044TU 15-AC044TX 15-AC045TU 15-AC045TX 15-AC046TU 15-AC046TX 15-AC047TU 15-AC047TX 15-AC048CA 15-AC048TU 15-AC048TX 15-AC049TU 15-AC049TX 15-AC050TU 15-AC050TX 15-AC051TU 15-AC051TX 15-AC052TU 15-AC052TX 15-AC053TU 15-AC053TX 15-AC054TU 15-AC054TX 15-AC055NR 15-AC055TU 15-AC055TX 15-AC056TU 15-AC056TX 15-AC057TU 15-AC058TU 15-AC058TX 15-AC059TU 15-AC059TX 15-AC060TU 15-AC060TX 15-AC061NR 15-AC061TU 15-AC061TX 15-AC062TU 15-AC062TX 15-AC063NR 15-AC063TU 15-AC063TX 15-AC064TU 15-AC064TX 15-AC065TU 15-AC065TX 15-AC066TU 15-AC066TX 15-AC067TU 15-AC067TX 15-AC068TU 15-AC068TX 15-AC069TU 15-AC069TX 15-AC070TU 15-AC070TX 15-AC071NR 15-AC071TU 15-AC071TX 15-AC072TU 15-AC072TX 15-AC073TU 15-AC073TX 15-AC074TU 15-AC075TU 15-AC076TU 15-AC076TX 15-AC077TU 15-AC077TX 15-AC078NR 15-AC078TU 15-AC078TX 15-AC079TU 15-AC079TX 15-AC080TU 15-AC080TX 15-AC081TU 15-AC081TX 15-AC082TU 15-AC082TX 15-AC083TU 15-AC083TX 15-AC084TU 15-AC084TX 15-AC085TU 15-AC085TX 15-AC086TU 15-AC087TU 15-AC088TU 15-AC089TU 15-AC090TU 15-AC091TU 15-AC092TU 15-AC093TU 15-AC094TU 15-AC095TU 15-AC096TU 15-AC097TU 15-AC098TU 15-AC099TU 15-AC101TU 15-AC101TX 15-AC102LA 15-AC102TU 15-AC102TX 15-AC103CA 15-AC103LA 15-AC103TU 15-AC103TX 15-AC104LA 15-AC104TU 15-AC104TX 15-AC105TU 15-AC105TX 15-AC106TU 15-AC106TX 15-AC107NI 15-AC107TU 15-AC107TX 15-AC108TU 15-AC108TX 15-AC109TU 15-AC109TX 15-AC110NR 15-AC110TU 15-AC110TX 15-AC111LA 15-AC111TU 15-AC111TX 15-AC112TU 15-AC112TX 15-AC113CL 15-AC113TU 15-AC113TX 15-AC114LA 15-AC114NR 15-AC114TU 15-AC114TX 15-AC115TU 15-AC115TX 15-AC116CA 15-AC116TU 15-AC116TX 15-AC117TU 15-AC117TX 15-AC118CA 15-AC118LA 15-AC118TU 15-AC118TX 15-AC119TU 15-AC119TX 15-AC120CY 15-AC120DS 15-AC120LA 15-AC120NA 15-AC120NR 15-AC120TU 15-AC120TX 15-AC121CY 15-AC121DS 15-AC121LA 15-AC121NR 15-AC121TU 15-AC121TX 15-AC122CY 15-AC122DS 15-AC122NA 15-AC122TU 15-AC122TX 15-AC123CY 15-AC123DS 15-AC123LA 15-AC123NA 15-AC123TU 15-AC123TX 15-AC124CY 15-AC124DS 15-AC124LA 15-AC124TU 15-AC124TX 15-AC125DS 15-AC125TU 15-AC125TX 15-AC126DS 15-AC126LA 15-AC126TU 15-AC126TX 15-AC127DS 15-AC127LA 15-AC127TU 15-AC127TX 15-AC128CA 15-AC128DS 15-AC128TU 15-AC128TX 15-AC129DS 15-AC129TU 15-AC129TX 15-AC130CA 15-AC130DS 15-AC130TU 15-AC130TX 15-AC131DS 15-AC131TU 15-AC131TX 15-AC132DS 15-AC132TU 15-AC132TX 15-AC133DS 15-AC133TU 15-AC133TX 15-AC134DS 15-AC134TU 15-AC134TX 15-AC135DS 15-AC135LA 15-AC135TU 15-AC135TX 15-AC136DS 15-AC136LA 15-AC136TU 15-AC136TX 15-AC137CL 15-AC137DS 15-AC137NR 15-AC137TU 15-AC137TX 15-AC138DS 15-AC138TU 15-AC138TX 15-AC139DS 15-AC139LA 15-AC139NA 15-AC139TU 15-AC139TX 15-AC140DS 15-AC140TU 15-AC140TX 15-AC141DS 15-AC141TU 15-AC141TX 15-AC142DS 15-AC142DX 15-AC142TU 15-AC142TX 15-AC143DS 15-AC143DX 15-AC143TU 15-AC143TX 15-AC143WM 15-AC144TU 15-AC144TX 15-AC145DS 15-AC145TU 15-AC145TX 15-AC146DS 15-AC146TU 15-AC146TX 15-AC147CL 15-AC147DS 15-AC147TU 15-AC147TX 15-AC148DS 15-AC148TU 15-AC148TX 15-AC149DS 15-AC149TU 15-AC149TX 15-AC150DS 15-AC150TU 15-AC150TX 15-AC151DX 15-AC151SA 15-AC151TU 15-AC151TX 15-AC152SA 15-AC152TU 15-AC152TX 15-AC153CA 15-AC153TU 15-AC153TX 15-AC154TU 15-AC154TX 15-AC155TU 15-AC155TX 15-AC156NR 15-AC156TU 15-AC156TX 15-AC157CL 15-AC157TU 15-AC157TX 15-AC158DX 15-AC158NR 15-AC158TU 15-AC158TX 15-AC159TU 15-AC159TX 15-AC160TU 15-AC160TX 15-AC161NR 15-AC161TU 15-AC161TX 15-AC162TU 15-AC162TX 15-AC163NR 15-AC163TU 15-AC163TX 15-AC164TU 15-AC164TX 15-AC165NR 15-AC165TU 15-AC165TX 15-AC166TU 15-AC166TX 15-AC167TU 15-AC167TX 15-AC168TU 15-AC168TX 15-AC169TU 15-AC169TX 15-AC170TU 15-AC170TX 15-AC171TU 15-AC171TX 15-AC172TU 15-AC172TX 15-AC173TU 15-AC173TX 15-AC174TU 15-AC174TX 15-AC175TU 15-AC175TX 15-AC176TU 15-AC177TU 15-AC178NR 15-AC178TU 15-AC178TX 15-AC179TU 15-AC180TU 15-AC180TX 15-AC181TU 15-AC181TX 15-AC182TU 15-AC182TX 15-AC183TU 15-AC183TX 15-AC184TU 15-AC184TX 15-AC185NR 15-AC185TU 15-AC186TU 15-AC186TX 15-AC187CA 15-AC187CL 15-AC187TU 15-AC187TX 15-AC188TU 15-AC188TX 15-AC189TU 15-AC189TX 15-AC190CA 15-AC190TU 15-AC190TX 15-AC191TU 15-AC191TX 15-AC192TU 15-AC192TX 15-AC193TU 15-AC193TX 15-AC194TU 15-AC194TX 15-AC195TU 15-AC195TX 15-AC196TU 15-AC196TX 15-AC197NR 15-AC197TU 15-AC197TX 15-AC198TU 15-AC198TX 15-AC199TU 15-AC199TX 15-AC501TU 15-AC502TU 15-AC503TU 15-AC504TU 15-AC505TU 15-AC506TU 15-AC601TU 15-AC602TU 15-AC603TX 15-AC604TU 15-AC604TX 15-AC605TU 15-AC605TX 15-AC606TU 15-AC606TX 15-AC607TU 15-AC607TX 15-AC608TU 15-AC609TU 15-AC610TU 15-AC610TX 15-AC611TX 15-AC612TX 15-AC614TU 15-AC615TU 15-AC616TU 15-AC617TU 15-AC617TX 15-AC618TU 15-AC618TX 15-AC619TU 15-AC620TU 15-AC621TU 15-AC622TU 15-AC623TU 15-AC624TU 15-AC625TU 15-AC625TX 15-AC626TU 15-AC626TX 15-AC627TU 15-AC627TX 15-AC628TU 15-AC628TX 15-AC629TU 15-AC629TX 15-AC630TX 15-AC631TX 15-AC632TU 15-AC632TX 15-AC638TU 15-AC639TU 15-AC640TU 15-AC641TU 15-AC642TU 15-AC643TU 15-AC644TU 15-AC645TU 15-AC646TU 15-AC646TX 15-AC647TU 15-AC647TX 15-AC648TU 15-AC648TX 15-AC649TU 15-AC649TX 15-AC650TU 15-AC650TX 15-AC651TU 15-AC651TX 15-AC652TU 15-AC652TX 15-AC653TU 15-AC653TX 15-AC654TU 15-AC654TX 15-AC655TU 15-AC655TX 15-AC656TU 15-AC656TX 15-AC657TU 15-AC657TX 15-AC658TU 15-AC658TX 15-AC659TU 15-AC659TX 15-AC660TU 15-AC660TX 15-AC661TU 15-AC661TX 15-AC662TU 15-AC662TX 15-AC663TU 15-AC663TX 15-AC664TU 15-AC664TX 15-AC665TU 15-AC665TX 15-AC666TU 15-AC666TX 15-AC667TU 15-AC667TX 15-AC668TU 15-AC669TU 15-AC670TU 15-AC670TX 15-AC671TU 15-AC671TX 15-AC672TU 15-AC672TX 15-AC673TU 15-AC673TX 15-AC674TU 15-AC674TX 15-AC675TU 15-AC676TU 15-AC677TU 15-AC678TU 15-AC679TU 15-AC680TU 15-AC681TU 15-AC682TU 15-AC683TU 15-AF001AU 15-AF001AX 15-AF002AU 15-AF002AX 15-AF003AU 15-AF003AX 15-AF004AU 15-AF004AX 15-AF005AU 15-AF005AX 15-AF006AU 15-AF006AX 15-AF007AU 15-AF007AX 15-AF008AU 15-AF008AX 15-AF009AU 15-AF010AU 15-AF010CA 15-AF010NR 15-AF011AU 15-AF011CA 15-AF012AU 15-AF012NR 15-AF013AU 15-AF013CL 15-AF014AU 15-AF015AU 15-AF015NR 15-AF016AU 15-AF017AU 15-AF017CA 15-AF018AU 15-AF019AU 15-AF020AU 15-AF020CA 15-AF020NR 15-AF021AU 15-AF021CA 15-AF022AU 15-AF023AU 15-AF024AU 15-AF025AU 15-AF026AU 15-AF027AU 15-AF027CL 15-AF028CL 15-AF029CL 15-AF030CA 15-AF030NR 15-AF031CA 15-AF039CA 15-AF040CA 15-AF049CA 15-AF060CA 15-AF067SA 15-AF071NR 15-AF072NR 15-AF073NR 15-AF074NR 15-AF075NR 15-AF101AU 15-AF101AX 15-AF102AU 15-AF102AX 15-AF103AU 15-AF103AX 15-AF104AU 15-AF104AX 15-AF104LA 15-AF105AU 15-AF105AX 15-AF106AU 15-AF106AX 15-AF107AU 15-AF107AX 15-AF108AU 15-AF108AX 15-AF109AU 15-AF109AX 15-AF110AU 15-AF110CA 15-AF110LA 15-AF110NR 15-AF111AU 15-AF111AX 15-AF111LA 15-AF112AU 15-AF112AX 15-AF112NR 15-AF113AU 15-AF113AX 15-AF113CL 15-AF113LA 15-AF114AU 15-AF114LA 15-AF115AU 15-AF115NR 15-AF116AU 15-AF117AU 15-AF118AU 15-AF119AU 15-AF119CA 15-AF120AU 15-AF120CA 15-AF120NR 15-AF121AU 15-AF121CA 15-AF122AU 15-AF122NR 15-AF123AU 15-AF123CL 15-AF124AU 15-AF125AU 15-AF126AU 15-AF127AU 15-AF127CA 15-AF128AU 15-AF129AU 15-AF130AU 15-AF130CA 15-AF130NR 15-AF131AU 15-AF131CA 15-AF131DX 15-AF132AU 15-AF133AU 15-AF134AU 15-AF135AU 15-AF135NR 15-AF136AU 15-AF137AU 15-AF137CL 15-AF137NR 15-AF138AU 15-AF139AU 15-AF139CA 15-AF140AU 15-AF141AU 15-AF141DX 15-AF142AU 15-AF143AU 15-AF144AU 15-AF147CA 15-AF148CA 15-AF149AU 15-AF149CA 15-AF150AU 15-AF151AU 15-AF152NR 15-AF154NA 15-AF157AU 15-AF158AU 15-AF159AU 15-AF159NR 15-AF160AU 15-AF161AU 15-AF161CA 15-AF162AU 15-AF163AU 15-AF164AU 15-AF165AU 15-AF165SA 15-AF166AU 15-AF166CA 15-AF167AU 15-AF168AU 15-AF169AU 15-AF171NR 15-AF172NR 15-AF173NR 15-AF174NR 15-AF175NR 15-AF191LA 15-AY001CY 15-AY001NF 15-AY002CY 15-AY003CY 15-AY004CY 15-AY004NF 15-AY005CY 15-AY006CY 15-AY009DX 15-AY012CY 15-AY012DX 15-AY013DS 15-AY013DX 15-AY014DS 15-AY014DX 15-AY015DS 15-AY015NQ 15-AY016DS 15-AY017DS 15-AY017TX 15-AY018DS 15-AY019DS 15-AY020DS 15-AY021DS 15-AY022DS 15-AY023DS 15-AY024DS 15-AY024LA 15-AY025DS 15-AY025LA 15-AY032TU 15-AY039TX 15-AY043TX 15-AY045TX 15-AY047TX 15-AY053TU 15-AY055TU 15-AY056TX 15-AY057NG 15-AY057TU 15-AY058NIA 15-AY058TX 15-AY059TU 15-AY060NF 15-AY061TU 15-AY062TX 15-AY063TU 15-AY065TU 15-AY066TX 15-AY067TU 15-AY068TX 15-AY069TU 15-AY070TX 15-AY071NR 15-AY072TX 15-AY075NR 15-AY081NR 15-AY082NR 15-AY082TU 15-AY083NR 15-AY083TX 15-AY085NM 15-AY085NR 15-AY086NM 15-AY087NF 15-AY092NR 15-AY093NB 15-AY095NR 15-AY095TX 15-AY096NR 15-AY101TU 15-AY101XX 15-AY102TU 15-AY102XX 15-AY103DX 15-AY103TX 15-AY103XX 15-AY104TU 15-AY117CL 15-AY119TX 15-AY120TX 15-AY121TX 15-AY122TX 15-AY123TU 15-AY123TX 15-AY134TU 15-AY136TU 15-AY141TU 15-AY142TU 15-AY145TX 15-AY146TX 15-AY147TU 15-AY147TX 15-AY149TU 15-AY151TU 15-AY152TX 15-AY153TX 15-AY154TX 15-AY158TX 15-AY160TX 15-AY162TX 15-AY164TX 15-AY167CL 15-AY171TX 15-AY172DX 15-AY172TX 15-AY173DX 15-AY177CL 15-AY181TX 15-AY187CL 15-AY191MS 15-AY193NE 15-AY194NE 15-AY195NE 15-AY197NE 15-AY197TX 15-AY501TX 15-AY504TX 15-AY505TX 15-AY506TX 15-AY510NG 15-AY511TU 15-AY512TU 15-AY515NG 15-AY515NS 15-AY516NG 15-AY516TU 15-AY517NG 15-AY522TU 15-AY526TU 15-AY536NG 15-AY540TU 15-AY551TU 15-AY555TU HP 250 G5 255 G5 256 G5 15-BA 15-AY



What’s included


Book in your HP Keyboard replacement at Netlink Computers

Did you know?

    1. Netlink provides free delivery of Laptop parts nationwide for purchases of value above  R2500.00
    2. Netlink provides free collection and delivery of Apple Mac computers booked in for board-level repairs
    3. Netlink doesn’t charge for Battery, Keyboard or screen replacement service

20 Reasons for choosing Netlink

    • 12 years of exceptional Laptop service and parts supply in SA and Cross Border, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique.
    • 1 Year repair warranty for Apple Mac repairs. A return is rare but if so happens, it still won’t cost you a penny or make you worried
    • Free lifetime support for all Mac users telephonically, electronically via email, live chat, or WhatsApp or front desk at our store.
    • 6 Months warranty on laptop parts. Keeping the same suppliers for years has kept our return rates to the lowest
    • We boast the broadest catalog of high-quality laptop spare parts in South Africa for both basic and advanced maintenance.
    • We boast the highest success rates on high-end (Advanced) board-level repairs with the lowest return rate. We believe that expertise is paramount.
    • Professional laptop technical lab equipped with a capacity of expertise, parts, and technical infrastructure to facilitate the most advanced technical service.
    • Quickest turn-around time guaranteed, same-day for next day for most repairs and 48 hours latest for delayed repair jobs.
    • We are resolute and driven to resolve most issues others may deem irreparable. We choose to focus on fixing over replacement.
    • Free collection and delivery of Apple Macs for repairs. Same-day for Cape Town, next day (24 – 48 Hrs) for other parts of SA.
    • We assess all problems at no cost, irrespective of the time consumed in diagnostics. Payment is only for completed repairs.
    • Free basic installations; for MacBook batteries, models between 2006 – 2015, display assemblies, Hard drives, and SSDs, etc.
    • We make laptop maintenance more affordable by offering the best rates for all laptop parts and repairs at a basic and advanced level in the market and save customers the unnecessary expenditures associated with laptop maintenance and service.
    • Highly knowledgeable, experienced, and honest personnel right from the top, the sales consultants, technical controllers, to the actual technical team.
    • Easy payment systems from 30 days, 7-day credit accounts for corporates, shop now pay later credit facility at E-commerce checkouts, E-commerce with Payfast and PayGenius, EFT bank transfers, cash on collection, and a proper transaction records tracking system that requires no invoice for returns.
    • Instant technical response and help wherever you are via site LiveChat and WhatsApp. Apple Mac support with no absolutely no geographical limits. Talk to certified Apple experts in the comfort of your home or office via WhatsApp, LiveChat, GoogleMeet.
    • Faster repair bookings, instant repair status updates, A client is updated on progress all the way as may be required, right from receiving the device, through maintenance to task completion, and gets a complete technical report documented for future use.
    • Secure management of personalized content and data. We are committed to the privacy and confidentiality of information provided to us in the process of repair and it is our policy to execute repairs without accessing the client’s drive unless required.
    • We boast the broadest, highly detailed, accurate, and quickest micro second product search engine for parts inquiries, for product search and product confirmations ensuring that the right product will always be quoted and supplied to the client.
    • Excellence is an elusive quest for most of us here and it’s a passion we live for and teach others that join or navigate through our company. We continuously monitor our progress and regressions in service delivery and client  relations to ensure continuous improvement that can mutually benefit our customers with a service that meets or exceeds their expectations                                                                          
    •                                              May all who come as Guests Leave as Friends


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