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Acer Aspire PJ047A 4220 4520 4720 5600 5610 DC POWER JACK


Acer Aspire PJ047A 4220 4520 4720 5600 5610 DC POWER JACK

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Acer Aspire PJ047A  4220 4520 4720 5600 5610 DC POWER JACK 


Compatible Laptop Models:

ACER Aspire 4220 4520 4720 5600 5610 2930 2930Z 2930E 5720 5720G 5720Z 5735 7535 7535G 7735Z ExtenAcer Aspire 5220 5220G 5235 5310 5310G 5335 5520 5520G 5535 5535Z 5620 5670 5710 5710G 5710Z 5715 5720 5720G 5720Z 5735 5735Z 5920G 6530 6735 6920 6920G 6930 6930G 6930Z 6930ZG 6935 6935G 7220 7220G 7320 7520 7520G 7535 7535G 7720 7720G 7720Z 7735Z 8920 8920G 8930 8930GAcer Travelmate 4210 4270 4670 5310 5320 5520 5520G 5610 5610G 5710 5720 Acer Extensa 5210 5220 5420 5620 5620Z 7200 7620 7620G 7620z Compaq Presario V5000 Serie: V5000 V5000T V5002EA V5004EA V5005US V5006EA V5009EA V5015CA V5015US V5025EA V5026EA V5030EA V5031EA V5032EA V5033EA V5054EA V5059EA V5079EA V5088XX V5094EA V5099EA V5099XX V5100 CTO V5100AU V5100TU V5101AU V5101TU V5101US V5102AU V5102EU V5102NR V5102TU V5103AU V5103TU V5104AU V5104EU V5104TU V5105CA V5105EU V5105TU V5105US V5106EU V5106TU V5107EU V5107TU V5108CU V5108EU V5108TU V5109TU V5110EU V5110TU V5111EU V5111TU V5115CA V5115EU V5115US V5116EU V5119US V5120EU V5120NR V5122EU V5125EU V5126EU V5128EA V5132EA V5150EA V5155EA V5160EA V5160US V5162EA V5189XX V5199XX V5200 CTO V5201CA V5201TU V5201US V5202TU V5203TU V5204NR V5204TU V5204US V5205NR V5205TU V5206OM V5206TU V5207NR V5207TU V5208CA V5208TU V5209TU V5209US V5210CA V5210TU V5210US V5211TU V5212TU V5213TU V5214EA V5214TU V5215EA V5215LA V5215TU V5216EA V5216TU V5217TU V5218LA V5218TU V5219TU V5220EA V5220TU V5221EA V5221TU V5222EA V5222TU V5223TU V5224TU V5225TU V5226TU V5227TU V5228TU V5229TU V5230TU V5231TU V5232EA V5232TU V5233EA V5233TU V5234EA V5234TU V5235EA V5235TU V5236EA V5236EU V5236TU V5237TU V5238TU V5239TU V5240TU V5241TU V5242TU V5243TU V5244TU V5245EU V5245TU V5246TU V5247TU V5248TU V5249TU V5250TU V5251TU V5252TU V5253TU V5254TU V5255TU V5256TU V5257TU V5258TU V5259TU V5260TU V5261TU V5299XX V5300 CTO V5303NR V5304US V5305WM V5306US V5307US V5308CA V5310US V5315WM

 Compaq Presario C300 Serie:C300 CTO C300EA C300EU C301NR C301TU C302NR C302TU C303NR C303TU C304NR C304TU C305LA C305TU C306TU C306US C307NR C307TU C308LA C308TU C309TU C310EA C310EU C310TU C311TU C312TU C313TU C315LA C318LA C350EA C350EU C351EA C352EA C353EA C399XX

 Compaq Presario C500 Serie:C500 C500EA C500EU C500T C501NR C501TU C502CA C502EA C502EU C502TU C502US C503TU C503WM C504EA C504EU C504TU C504US C505TU C506CA C506TU C507TU C507US C508US C509NR C518LA C540EA C542EA C550ED C550EF C550EL C550EM C551NR C551TU C552CA C552TU C552US C553TU C554EM C554TU C554US C555EA C555EL C555EM C555ES C555EU C555NR C555TU C556CA C556EM C556TU C557CL C557TU C558TU C559CL C559EF C559EM C559TU C560TU C560US C561TU C562TU C563NR C563TU C564TU C564US C565TU C566TU C567TU C568LA C570EA C571NR C571TU C572TU C573TU C574TU C575TU C576TU C577TU C578TU C579TU C580TU C581TU C581WM C582TU

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