Product Code: 1153 CLEVO A9 M660,M665.CLEVO M740 M760.EX400,M670,M66 m740 bat-6 BTY-M66 BTY-M67 6 Cells Laptop Battery
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CLEVO A9 M660,M665,M740 M760.EX400,M670,M66 m740 bat-6 BTY-M66 BTY-M67 6 Cells Laptop Battery

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CLEVO A9 M660,M665.CLEVO M740 M760.EX400,M670,M66 m740 bat-6 BTY-M66 BTY-M67  6 Cells Laptop Battery  


Compatible Part numbers:


For Asus







Compatible Laptop Models:



5401  7093  7107 7111 7203 7205 7206 7555GX 8315 Series

- ERC430 QC430 QRC430 QT5500 Sieres


Asus A9 Series

- Asus A9, Asus A9T, Asus A9Rt, Asus A9W, Asus A9R, Asus A9C


ASUS A95 Series

A95, A95Rp, A95T


Asus S62, S96


Asus F2 Series

Asus F2F, Asus F2Hf, Asus F2J, Asus F2Je


Asus Z53 Series

Asus Z53J, Asus Z53Jc, Asus Z53T


Asus Z9 Series

Asus Z9T, Asus Z94, Asus Z9400, Asus Z9400RP, Asus Z94L, Asus Z94RP, Asus Z96, Asus Z96J



Clevo MobiNote M660 Series

Clevo MobiNote M660JE, Clevo MobiNote M660N, Clevo MobiNote M660S


Clevo MobiNote M661 Series

MobiNote M661N


Clevo MobiNote M665 Series

MobiNote M665JE, MobiNote M665N, MobiNote M665S, MobiNote M66JE


CLEVO M662 M740 M740K M746 M746K M76 M760 M770 M77SUN W760TUN W761TUN


M74X / M76 X Series – M740S, M741S, M745S-C, M746SQ-C, M748S-C, M748SG-C, M749S-C, M760S, 

M760S-C, M746S, M746S-C, M746SU, M765S, M767SU, M760SUN, M765SU, M765SU-W, M767S, M767SU,


M740T, M740T-C, M740TUN, M745T[G]-C, M746T[G]-C, M746TU, M760TU, M762T, M765T, M762TUN, M762TU, M765TU, M765TUN, M767T, M767TU, M767TUN, M740K, M745J, M745K, M745K-C, M746KQ-C, M765J, M767JU


M77X S Series – M770CU, M770CU[H], M770S, M770SU, M770SUA, M770SUN, M771CU, M771S, M771CU[H], 

M770K, M771S, M771SU, M771SUN, M771SUA, M775CU[H], M775SU, M775SUN


W76X Series – W760C, W760K, W760K-C, W760S, W760SUA, W760SUA-C, W760SUN, W760T, W760T[G], W760TH, 

W760TUN, W761C, W761CU, W761CU[H], W761K, W761S, W761SUA-C, W761SUN, , W761T, W761T[G], W763CU[H], 

W761TUN, W761TUN-C, W762S, W763K-C, W763S-C, W763SUB-C, W763TUN, W765C, W765CM, W765CU[H], W765K, W765S, W765SUA, W765SUB, W765SUN, W765T, W765T[G], W765TH, W765TUN



W551N W566N W566U W468N W5661N 5661U


LG E500 Series


LG E50 ED500

LG F1 Series

F1-2224A, F1-2225A9, F1-2226A, F1-222EG, 

F1-2235A9, F1-2245A9, F1-224EG, F1-2255A9, 

F1-225EG, F1-225GY, F1-226EG, F1-227EG, 

F1-227GY, F1-228EG, F1-228GY, F1-22PTV, 

F1-2324A, F1-2325A, F1-23MMV, F1-23PXV, 

F1-2A24A, F1-2A26A, F1-2A27A, F1-2A36A, 

F1-2A3GY, F1-2A4GY, F1-2AE9G, F1-2ARNV, 




Gigabyte W451U, Gigabyte W551A, Gigabyte W551U Series


Whats in included




Important to note:


1. Replacement laptop battery

2. High-quality li-lon cells, safe and convenient

3. Over charge and discharge, detection protection
4. Aging-Test for every battery before packing

5. High abrasion resistance shell

6. Environmental products



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