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Quick insight in our Repair Service Listing

1Backlight Repairs -Board Level Repair
2Cooling system repairs and Over Heating -Board Level Repair
3Random Re-Boot – Switch off -Board Level Repair
4No Power Repairs -Board Level Repair
5No Display Repairs -Board Level Repair
6Screen Flex connector repairs and installation
7GPU Related Repairs -Board Level Repair
8Bios Firmware Password removal -Board Level Repair
9USB-WI-FI-I/O PORT-Thunder bolt Repair -Board Level Repair
10Basic Repairs or installations
11Technical Hardware installations
12No sound-Board Related Repairs  -Board Level Repair
13Random Freezing Repairs -Board Level Repair
14Fan Quarter Spin Repairs -Board Level Repair
15Not Charging Related Repairs -Board Level Repair
16System Beeps-Board Level Repair
17Display Assembly installation
18SD Card Reader Repairs
19Software Installation
20Ram Slot Repair -Board Level Repair
21U8900 Failure Repairs -Board Level Repair
22Camera installation-Repairs
22Basic Hardware Repairs / Installation
23Hinge tightening
24Software Installation
25Airport Card Installation
26Software Upgrade
27SMC and PRAM  Reset
28Basic Software Reset 
29DC MagSafe / I/O Board replacement -Board Level Repair
30Liquid damage keyboard Repairs
31Clean Up-Servicing-General Maintenance -Board Level Repair
33No Start-up-Full Fan spin Repairs 
34Keyboard-System Reboot Repairs 
35General Repairs or installations 
36No SSD or HDD Recognition -Board Level Repair
37Unresponsive Keyboard/Trackpad Repair-Board Level Repair
38Liquid Damage Repairs on working Devices -Board Level Repair
 39 Liquid Damage Repairs on a non-working Devices -Board Level Repair

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